Hamilton is the story of the most unlikely founding father of the USA. The historian Ron Chernow documented Alexander Hamilton’s biography, which inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write a Hip-Hop musical that conquered America. I’ve built a prototype, containing 17 Hamilton app screens, using User Center Design approach.

The Users

Hamilton is an American historical story, which gained attention as a result of the Broadway show. Information about the show and the story is widely available on the Internet. People who will potentially download the Hamilton app, will have high-level of engagement in this piece of art and have more knowledge about the show than the average audience.

They will have basic knowledge of American history, high-level of English and a passion for musicals. They will be curious to know more about the story and will have a desire to delve more deeply into Hamilton’s world.

User Research

I searched other Hamilton…

Have you ever thought how people across the world use their language while interacting with computers? A while ago, when computers were invented, it wasn’t natural for humans to write in a way that is different than a pencil. Throughout the years, the writing (typing) interaction was far from the original pencil, but recently, technology has allowed us to go back to our roots, and made typing feel much more like the pencil experience. In this article I’ll outline this experience through a special use-case: typing in Chinese in general, and specifically in Mainland China.

Lately, Apple launched new gestures for Apple pencil. My first interaction with these gestures is one of these moments I live for, really. It’s important to say — it’s not about the technology, as we can find it in many products, and many forms. It’s the experience of having a digital product in my hand, but the interaction is familiar, as it’s an actual integration of the physical world into the digital one.

Apple Pencil (by Suganth on Unsplash)

Throughout the years we can see that digital experiences work well when they give us an analogy of the real world. As the digital world is flat…

Inbar Kofman

Product Designer (UX UI)

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